FOR SALE: 500 Pre Unit lump.

Selling: One early 500 pre unit engine. Nothing else in the picture here for sale. More details to follow when I get up tomorrow. Selling due to change in plan... Lovely little engine, complete with dizzy and amal carb. Gone over and rebuilt by someone who knew what they were doing according to the man I purchased this from - Sir Pete Stansfield of ETRUK - and never been used since! (shame on me...) Offers around 650. Anyone interested giz a shout here or mail me - northernmunkee at hotmail dot com.


HELLO! SamKinburn tribute.

Thanks to Sam. Fuckin cruel innit.

Tomatoe Catchup

I been workin. A lot. A lot a lot. France in two weeks for the Mountain of Hell. Can't wait to get my head in the alpes... Photos. Lots. By way of a bit of a catch up. Hope everyone is well...


NX650 begins

Started mocking the NX up. Going to get everything back in. Work out what I can chop away and what I need to keep. Ride the shit out of it. Strip it get the frame painted. Rebuild it proper. Ride the shit out of it...



In fine condition. Had some repairs but been done well. Shout me if you're into it.