NX650 begins

Started mocking the NX up. Going to get everything back in. Work out what I can chop away and what I need to keep. Ride the shit out of it. Strip it get the frame painted. Rebuild it proper. Ride the shit out of it...


  1. Just the rest left :-). What tank is it? I got hold of a 1977 Yamaha XT 500 steel tank for my project. And what about the saddle? Any sudgestions?

  2. It's an old CG125 tank Dan. I prefer the flat lines on the bottom to the XT. I think... Have you seen Andrew Greenand's NXs? He does some belters http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2011/7/6/1997-honda-nx650-dominator.html and http://nx650elsinore.blogspot.co.uk/
    Seat wise, I know a company up north - South Shields way - who do bespoke seats at a good price - made to your measurements and specs - if you want to provide images etc - for a good price.
    Where are you in the UK? Any photos of your build?! Cheers! Aaron.

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