So, yep, it seems my wiring job, whilst taking heavy duty painkillers and diazzies, was absolutely 100% effective in cooking the CDI unit.... bastsard f*ck shag w*nk. I was pretty sure  but after some 9 page thread on dirty bobbers and a morning shooting the shit and beep testing with wee Rob, I was dead sure... Lucky I had a backup on the way from fleabay-USA. When it arrived I was straight out to the cave to plug it in. Needed to see that spark... was properly bummed out about my balls-up. Verrrrry careful wire up later.... fingers crossed and kicker turned.... crack! - big fat blue spark leaping over the plug. Plugs back in and she fired up. Electrical curse lifted.... What a joy to the ear. I'm tempted to leave the exhausts short and raw... the old gadgey next door would disagree no doubt.

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