More from the old annals of time... Just a few of the POSs that have occupied my life. This motley collection of things on wheels owe me more time than the queen owes me tax. The Fairlane had a leaking exhaust manifold and nearly gassed me and Johnny while driving about NW2... The T3 had no heating, no windscreen wipers, no suspension and no mot! Your breath froze to the windscreen while you were driving it... The TS250 was a blast. 100 quid from under a skate ramp. The Husky 610 was a bastard. The white 65 beetle was my pride and joy for years. With a 1776 twin weber fire spitting race lump... But got sold to fund my boy.... They all polished up OK and sold on well. Apart from the 54 Oval bug, which is sitting in a barn near me and shall be getting some treatment soon.... well, after I do the Pre Unit.

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