AK47. Cambodia.

Mekong River.

Adelaide surf.

Happy lassy with her happy ducks. Near Hue I think. Vietnam.

Some young tool and a pouting Canadian. Phnom Penh. Cambodia.

Hard life.  Phnom Penh. Cambodia.

Killing fields. Cambodia.

Pete's post recently about his young lass's excursion to Vietnam got me thinking about my days roaming the planet... Nearly 20 years ago I set off. Like how the fuck??? Seriously. Where did it go... Jesus. One minute you're smoking a joint, in a hammock in Cambodia, trying to work out what it's all about and what you're going to do with all the time strecthing out before you... and the next thing your ball bag's got so long it's getting caught between your thighs when you turn over at night.

Realised I could plot each country visited with the two wheeled transport I rode/bought/rented/borrowed... September 1993.. India - Enfield and Vespa naturally. Thailand - Honda steppy. XL175 I think over near the bridge over the river kwai. Honda CR250 on Ko Phangan (got high on a magic mushroom omelette and flipped the bike over on myself while trying to navigate a near vertical hill on the magical dirt road back to the other side of the island). Hong Kong - fuck all coz they don't have room for grass never mind young gwai-los getting a riding fix. China - Random mountain bike. Vietnam - ahh now this is where I bought my baby... a Russian made 125 Minsk. Covered about 3000 miles on that beast. Hanoi down to Saigon. Spent a day on the run from the Vietnamese police on it... Cambodia - RM400 and Honda Virago or some such pretend Harley. My favourite country in Asia was Cambodia. Singapore - see Hong Kong. Malaysia - arbitrary Honda steppy. Australia - Ducati 926 and some other sporty thing my mate had in his Adelaide shed. NZ - snowboarding. Bali - Honda CR125. Did the whole island on it. Back to Hong Kong. Met my now wife - who's from Essex. Got far far too stoned daily nightly. Panic attack about being 25 and having lived a quarter of my life already. Back home. Job. Work. Panic attack I'm nearly 40.

Oh and if I hadn't split with the girl I traveled with when I met my now wife I might have some bloody photos of said bikes instead of just the few scanned images up there...


  1. Dont care about not having passed any exams or gone to University or made money or married Uma Thurman but wish i'd done that....

  2. Plenty time yet Pete... and it wasn't such a good thing in the end as after 3 and a half years of it I've never been able to properly face 'normal' life since.

  3. The Dengue Fever, Malaria and constant Dysentery also left their mark...

    But! I'd never not have done it....

  4. Oh! And I was still paying the debt off 10 years later.

    But. I'd still never not have done it!