Big C and Big D

So where have I been and what about these motorbikes?! Well, my girl was diagnosed with cancer November. About 3 weeks after we found out she was pregnant. Headfuck. The darkest and longest winter followed. Now as of yesterday chemo is done and touch wood all day long, the baby is still in there. Crazy.

Fair play Linus. She's small but she's strong! x

I had big plans for the Z and the trump but had to put all that on hold while we got through. But now we're getting back on course I'm sneaking back out into the cave. I got about a month before it's baby cack and sleeping lack all over again.

So. To get started. I wanted to put the electrics on the Z into something a little more water-proof than a canvas army bag... I had an oil tank kit laying around for the trump so decided to use it for now and replace when the time comes. Should look like pucker tank while hiding the ugliness of a battery... Maybe I should just get rid of the battery... Anyway - first up - put a starter button into the filler cap. I was eying up my old 20 quid ebay drill press for the job when Big Dan saw the imminent disaster and stepped in with an offer of getting it on the lathe... and what a fine job he done. Marvelous.

Big thanks to Big D and a massive FUCK YOU to the Big C.


  1. dude... what the fuck..
    email me ave.done@hotmail.com have a internet based chin wag if you get me. bit more private to man.
    thinking of you lot mate.
    speak shotly

  2. I never knew, Aaron thats proper shit. We all think we live for our bikes until something like this comes along and suddenly they mean nothing.
    Best of luck to you all, see you soon.

  3. Cheers fellas. So very true Pete. I'll be in touch Rob. Hope all's well with you both and hope to see you out there soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about that... been in a similar situation with my wife (Big C).

    But pregnancy too? Wow... as you say, headfuck.

    Very best wishes to you all.