Mmmmm mmmmm... Hot lemon and toffee-petrol soup with float bowl crutons.... yummy
I've smelt worse and if I had a sore throat that required a hot-toddy then mayyybe... My lady begs to differ and banished me to the back yard to carry on my citrus based capers.
The cb750 looks to have been sat for a lonnnnng time... a lot of the wiring and bits n bobs around the battery - solenoid and that garb - are rusted out. Pulled the carbs for a look and found em full of toffee apple varnish. Worst I've seen and the hardest. Had a go with petrol and no go. So decided to try an old trick someone passed along - hot lemon boil. 10 mins in the lemon juice - brought to a rolling boil - followed by 10 mins in boiling water and finished with a good dry out. Worked a charm. Not quite 100% but dam close. Got too dark in the end to get a good shot of final result. Will get some tomorrow.
Oui, c'est bon bon.

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