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Well that was a helluva weekend!!! My wee lad managed to pass me a 'nursery-school special' gut-bug mid week and any hope of it leaving me in piece, to enjoy my long looked forward to weekend at Rollerburn, faded as I spent most of Friday strapped to the bog, holding on to the sides with my legs out straight in front of me and an expresion on my face like a Japanese Janet Street Porter.
Now I'd been waiting for this weekend for months so wasn't going to quit without a fight and with the help of some good good friends, Mr StevieMonster presiding, we did our best to sterilise the offending bug using a bottle of Kraken rum and the best little lockup jolly I've attended in some time.

Saturday arrived. Hungover. Very hungover. Flat front tyre on van. On my back on the Ripon bypass swearing. Picked up Mr John and Phat Dan aka John Rambo. Meet Little Rob, Bridie and Stevie back at my gaff. They look worse than me. Tea all round. Drive down to Newark, anagram of Wanker.
Rollergirls. Rollergirls's shorts. Rollergirls's bottoms. Jonny's moustache. Toilet run. White boilersuits. David Fiddaman's boots. Charlie Chuck on a tracker. Kraken Rum. Pete's triumph chop. Cider. S&M photography. Toilet run. Blitz Bikes. Beer queue. Big headed cat. More rum. Beautiful Bikes. Immodium. Sugary tea. Acid indigestion. Toilet run. Drunken metaphysical-theological-socio-genetical-political debate. Frozen noses. Phat Dan's sleep apnia. Rennies. Bacon sarny. Paracetamol. Sausage sarny. Toilet run. Fog. Great people. Laughing. Complaining. Smiles. Miles.
What a great weekend.

Oh and cheers Stevie. I enjoyed Friday night just as much as Saturday night! Again soon. I'll supply the rum.

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