Dan really loves that tank...

Headed over to the Colne Rock n Blues festival. Big Dan's E-Bullet tank split on the way over which saw a 1 hour pastie and ale stop while he plugged it with the best thing to hand - Araldite. While it cured (and it did work) the rain clouds caught up with us and proceeded to piss on our heads for the next 3 hours as we pinned and pinted our way across the moors.... My legs got wet. My socks got wet. My ass got wet. My face got wetter. My bikes electrics got.... chugga chugga chuggggggaaaaahh-crap. We all made it though and had a great night. More rain. Wet tent. Wet sleeping bag. Up shite and early this morning. Got the alternator wired back in. Quick blast of WD40. Put some petrol in... always helps... and made it home with sunshine all the way. Happy days! Thanks and respect to Dan, Lionel and crew for help home and to Ryan for the 13mm. And thanks to Banana Rob for the invite! Had a great time and met some good folk. My head hurts. A lot.
Favourite quote of the weekend "It's great for avoiding oncoming unmarked police cars" – Lionel on his Buell 900 doing a ton passed Dan on the wrong side of the Ripon road with a an unmarked Volvo coming the other way.

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