Went to Laanndaan for the weekend. Good times. Didn't see many bikes. Not the motorised variety anyway. Did do a lot of drinking. Went to a graff spray down thing over Finsbury way. This is all I have to show for 3 days on the planet.

London. Where one bar was playing Pet Shop Boys. Another, Lionel Richie. The one that goes: Heyyyyy! We're gonna have a party... All night long... All night... AYE-CO-AYE-CO-WHY-CO-WHY-KAY-HEY-JUMBO-JUMBO! People were dancing.

London. Where you can act like a massive cock and no one notices because they are too busy being a massive cock too. Where being ironic is so long established it's now taken completely seriously. Where people dress as Timmy mallet and ride around on some mighty fine push bikes.

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  1. That description of London is fucking brilliant.